This weekend has been the weekend of business ventures. I was approached on two separate occasion to become my own business owner in selling a particular product. Both businesses guaranteed vast amounts of income with limitless potential. Of course right now in my current situation the opportunities sound very interesting but will this sense if interest continue once I prepare for the bar and pas ( yes I have already claimed I WILL pass)

I wonder how many attorneys have a “side hustle”?


Status Report

Tomorrow I gear up for an informational /interview with a legal recruitment firm. Hopefully all goes well. If not, I have another interview to work for a staffing company as a coordinator. This position is more HR based related position. This may be the stepping out of legal position to get bak into legal opportunity I mentioned in my last post. Either way I’m ready to get back working again. Walking around downtown amongst “corporate America” makes me miss dressing up for work.

As a continue o…

As I continue on this lovely journey to find a new career opportunity I have come across several articles that show law graduates have come to the realization that they may have to think “outside the box” in order to make use of their law degree. There are books  out there that provide law graduates and even lawyers the option of Alternative careers. From an arbitrator to Legal Administrator to Lobbyist there are various option available.

This of course has recently gotten the wheels in my brain really moving. I am now at a point where I need to really need to get creative and find “alternatives” in which to really utilize the skills I attained in law school for another area of business. I am someone with several years of administrative experience as well as experience within Human Resources. The latest phone interviews have been more in the non-legal field specifically for HR positions. I may have to step outside of the legal field in oder to get back into it?

Of course my first priority will be a solid legal position but the idea to be creative and think outside the box is now a close second. The journey continues….

Today’s Adventure

Today I attended an event sponsored by Suffolk Law School as well as a few bar associations. The event consisted of a book signing and question and answer session by Judy Smith. Judy Smith is a crisis manager and inspiration by the best show on TV Scandal!.

I was absolutely obsessed with the show in its first season last year. Ms. Smith talked about her life an career as well as her involvement behind the show and of course how she got into crisis management. For me it was truly an honor to see an African American female share her successes and her ability to start her own businesses in an industry that is dominated by white makes. I was quickly inspired by Judy Smith as well as the other prominent women in the room who are lawyers, law professors, partners in firms, and Executive Directors of organizations.

Being in the presence of such influential, powerful women was truly an honor. I definitely have a rejuvenated spirit as a new week begins.

Check out Judy Smith’s new book “Good Self Bad Self” “Good Self, Bad Self”


My unofficial job

During this journey of mine my “job” has been the art of job searching. This is a process that brings up a lot of emotions. At times jobs are present in bunches. Other days…not so much. 

For me I spend my morning searching the most popular sites..craigslist, indeed, monster. I am starting to see that I have to come into a job with no experience or a wealth of knowledge. Where are the jobs that a looking for someone some experience but not an expert? It seems those jobs are few and far between. 

Image seems to be top runner for me right now with Craigslist a surprising second. Monster takes the top prize for the most phone calls I receive from jobs I didn’t even apply to. These positions find my at a front desk or a position completely unrelated to what I am looking to do. My only option is to keeping looking at this point. Persistence will be inserted into my name some way some how.




As a new week approaches lets see what the journey unfolds….

On the net Task Look Motor – 7 Ways to Discovering a Career On the internet

This may be a way for me to find my own career. Social media/internet are a way of life these days so why not

Granted Jobs

Lots of people today are browsing for the work of their selection but quite few men and women are actually finding the get the job done they favor.

It is very important to opt for the correct area so that you can get excellent job fulfillment. There are a variety of areas wherever you can glance for work. World wide web is a single of the finest destinations of career lookup.

If you are fascinated to find the on the internet positions then very first of all you want to learn about the web sites which can provide you these possibilities. You require to find out the suitable online task look motor for your self.

Individuals have a tendency to get baffled even though deciding upon the ideal work search engine. This is the explanation why you need to carry out a excellent volume of research prior to you can…

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The Journey begins


I decided to write a blog on the “adventure” for us law graduates looking, searching and looking some more for that dream job. In the midst of my own journey I haven’t seen to many outlets geared toward this particular topic so I figured why not put my own two cents into the mix.

So to all those out there like me or anyone looking for a new job don’t hesitate to express your thoughts or ideas (a good taste of course). Let the journey beginImage