My unofficial job

During this journey of mine my “job” has been the art of job searching. This is a process that brings up a lot of emotions. At times jobs are present in bunches. Other days…not so much. 

For me I spend my morning searching the most popular sites..craigslist, indeed, monster. I am starting to see that I have to come into a job with no experience or a wealth of knowledge. Where are the jobs that a looking for someone some experience but not an expert? It seems those jobs are few and far between. 

Image seems to be top runner for me right now with Craigslist a surprising second. Monster takes the top prize for the most phone calls I receive from jobs I didn’t even apply to. These positions find my at a front desk or a position completely unrelated to what I am looking to do. My only option is to keeping looking at this point. Persistence will be inserted into my name some way some how.




As a new week approaches lets see what the journey unfolds….


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