I have decided to get a head start in preparation for this upcoming Bar Exam. I have to be honest I am very much unmotivated. The sacrifice required to fully study for this exam is something I just don’t want to do, but I’m trying to force myself in the process. Maybe I’m suppose to be doing something else with my law degree? I’ve always seen myself in a business, corporate atmosphere. Maybe I should wait until I’m really ready to make the sacrifice I mean the bar exam will always be there. The journey continues.


Guide to the Bar Exam

Guide to the Bar Exam

I have been doing some research to determine the best way to study on my own! Yes I said it I plan to take the bar exam this time on my own. Some people may think I’m crazy but the reality is I do not have the crazy amount of money nor do I want to spend a crazy amount of money to study for this exam. I know a lot of diligence will be required as well as time, and commitment. I came across this link and found it to be a great article on the fact that it is possible to self study for the bar exam. For all those who may be in my position I thought this would be a good article to share.

Baby Steps

After a month and a half I was offered a contract position as a Legal Assistant for a pharmaceutical/medical device company. Definitely looking forward to starting soon. The sky is the limit. It’s funny how the interviews which you feel absolutely great about don’t go your way and the interviews which you may not feel as confident about are the interviews which seem to go your way.


My faith is important to me so I may sure to pray before going into the interview. I honestly didn’t think I made much of a connections with those I interviewed with. Apparently I did better than I thought. Despite the fact it is a contract position it will be an opportunity to showcase my capabilities. The Journey continues

Project #2

Another week as this journey continues. Besides the job quest my other “project” is getting ready to take the bar exam again. My last trip into this world occurred February 2011. Now almost 2 years later it is time to get back into studying mode. I have already begun pulling out the bar prep books and reading outlines. For those who have only heard about this exam can’t even begin to imagine the torture that occurs when studying for an exam.February 2013 here we come

You dont have to have it together all the time

These last few weeks have definitely been a journey. This morning I woke up frustrated and naturally broke down. I cried and cried and cried. Why does this have to happen to me. As I watch my friends going on with their lives and working, traveling, shopping, I’m here trying to find a job. Money has all but run out, this week has produced no phone calls, inquires, or interviews. I’m currently in the waiting game. Then there are all the BILLS! piling up


So now what? Soultion….keep going! I have to tell myself that this journey is exactly that..a journey! one with ups, downs and everything in between. I have always been told what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, so I am only becoming stronger each day. 

I’m more than just a JD

In the midst of looking for full time work I have developed an interest in starting a side business or “side hustle”. My online research has shown me that there a lot of people in my current situation who have become frustrated with ht job market and decided to start their own business or side business in order to bring in extra income.

My brain has been on overload thinking about what I could do to join in this new area of business. My first task of course is finding the right concept. My “niche” as some would say. 

My first idea started with consulting. My legal/administrative/HR background brought me to a business consulting idea. Provide advice on the best business writing options, etc. I began to think deeper. I decided to really think about what am I most passionate about. More ideas starting come in…

I have always had a passion for working with kids and their development. I of course turned to the internet for possible ideas. How could I use the idea of consulting with my passion for kids?. Hence the idea of tutoring. Tutoring is a way to help students as well as provide guidance and my own form of “consulting”. As this idea grows the sky is the limit.

Now its time to plan. Ive asked my sister’s friend to be my test subject in this tutoring/college prep/consulting business plan…let the games begin

The Waiting Game

Last week was a busy week for me…I was fortunate enough to secure a few in person interviews as well as phone interviews. In each interview the flow of the conversation went well, I made sure to give clear and concise answers, and of course I had a few questions of my own to ask. There were smiles and a couple laughs in between. At the end there is always the standard statement in which the person I interviewed with has to follow up with their team and then if they really like me a second interview or final decision will take place. Now its the infamous Waiting Game occurs. Days upon days pass before a follow up phone call will occur. Sometimes I wish employers had a time limit for their decision. For me I am now a participant in this lovely game of waiting. Hopefully the results will be in my favor.

Interview 101

Let me first say this is not a post on the Do’s and Don’ts on interviewing, but rather a way to catch your attention. If you are reading this post then my plan worked! 

I recently had an interview for a non-legal position. I decided to come in for the interview because the position is one that seemed to have a lot of potential. I immediately had a not so good vibe about this interview. The manager proceeded to give a dissertation on the existence of the company the day to day functions of his role the other members of his team and the role that he is looking to fill. Shouldn’t there be a rule of some kind for an employer to know what they should or shouldn’t talk about during an interview. Stick to the facts! i found myself trying to stay away. I quickly lost interest and was ready to get out of there


There are so many articles, self books, thoughts and opinions on how to conduct yourself in an interview why not the same attention to the employer. Just some food for thought