Interview 101

Let me first say this is not a post on the Do’s and Don’ts on interviewing, but rather a way to catch your attention. If you are reading this post then my plan worked! 

I recently had an interview for a non-legal position. I decided to come in for the interview because the position is one that seemed to have a lot of potential. I immediately had a not so good vibe about this interview. The manager proceeded to give a dissertation on the existence of the company the day to day functions of his role the other members of his team and the role that he is looking to fill. Shouldn’t there be a rule of some kind for an employer to know what they should or shouldn’t talk about during an interview. Stick to the facts! i found myself trying to stay away. I quickly lost interest and was ready to get out of there


There are so many articles, self books, thoughts and opinions on how to conduct yourself in an interview why not the same attention to the employer. Just some food for thought


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