I’m more than just a JD

In the midst of looking for full time work I have developed an interest in starting a side business or “side hustle”. My online research has shown me that there a lot of people in my current situation who have become frustrated with ht job market and decided to start their own business or side business in order to bring in extra income.

My brain has been on overload thinking about what I could do to join in this new area of business. My first task of course is finding the right concept. My “niche” as some would say. 

My first idea started with consulting. My legal/administrative/HR background brought me to a business consulting idea. Provide advice on the best business writing options, etc. I began to think deeper. I decided to really think about what am I most passionate about. More ideas starting come in…

I have always had a passion for working with kids and their development. I of course turned to the internet for possible ideas. How could I use the idea of consulting with my passion for kids?. Hence the idea of tutoring. Tutoring is a way to help students as well as provide guidance and my own form of “consulting”. As this idea grows the sky is the limit.

Now its time to plan. Ive asked my sister’s friend to be my test subject in this tutoring/college prep/consulting business plan…let the games begin


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