I have decided to get a head start in preparation for this upcoming Bar Exam. I have to be honest I am very much unmotivated. The sacrifice required to fully study for this exam is something I just don’t want to do, but I’m trying to force myself in the process. Maybe I’m suppose to be doing something else with my law degree? I’ve always seen myself in a business, corporate atmosphere. Maybe I should wait until I’m really ready to make the sacrifice I mean the bar exam will always be there. The journey continues.


Today’s Adventure

Today I attended an event sponsored by Suffolk Law School as well as a few bar associations. The event consisted of a book signing and question and answer session by Judy Smith. Judy Smith is a crisis manager and inspiration by the best show on TV Scandal!.

I was absolutely obsessed with the show in its first season last year. Ms. Smith talked about her life an career as well as her involvement behind the show and of course how she got into crisis management. For me it was truly an honor to see an African American female share her successes and her ability to start her own businesses in an industry that is dominated by white makes. I was quickly inspired by Judy Smith as well as the other prominent women in the room who are lawyers, law professors, partners in firms, and Executive Directors of organizations.

Being in the presence of such influential, powerful women was truly an honor. I definitely have a rejuvenated spirit as a new week begins.

Check out Judy Smith’s new book “Good Self Bad Self” “Good Self, Bad Self”