I have decided to get a head start in preparation for this upcoming Bar Exam. I have to be honest I am very much unmotivated. The sacrifice required to fully study for this exam is something I just don’t want to do, but I’m trying to force myself in the process. Maybe I’m suppose to be doing something else with my law degree? I’ve always seen myself in a business, corporate atmosphere. Maybe I should wait until I’m really ready to make the sacrifice I mean the bar exam will always be there. The journey continues.


Guide to the Bar Exam

Guide to the Bar Exam

I have been doing some research to determine the best way to study on my own! Yes I said it I plan to take the bar exam this time on my own. Some people may think I’m crazy but the reality is I do not have the crazy amount of money nor do I want to spend a crazy amount of money to study for this exam. I know a lot of diligence will be required as well as time, and commitment. I came across this link and found it to be a great article on the fact that it is possible to self study for the bar exam. For all those who may be in my position I thought this would be a good article to share.